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Social Media Marketing



Venda Ravioli is a Catholic Italian ingredient supply store and restaurant with supply sales operations spanning 3 states and products sold in major retailers such as BJ's Wholesale Club, Stop & Shop, and Dave's Market.


Venda Ravioli



Service Offered:

Creative Multimedia, Social Media Marketing

project details
Product Photo by Mastik Media
Product Photo by Mastik Media
‍Product Photo by Mastik Media

Mastik Media came on board to give the already existent Venda Ravioli brand a boost. They needed to reach more people in an authentic way and opted for our social media services combined with a creative multimedia package. These services allowed them to reach a high number of people and interact with their customers in a personalized way.

After several photo shoots generating professional high-quality multimedia content, a laser focused content strategy, witty creative copy, and dedicated online engagement their social media pages outperformed all competitors. Specifically, our services generated thousands of views, over a 1000 dollars above their normal reservation rates per weekend for the restaurant, and exceeded their quarterly sales goals by 20%. This growth exceeded market standards by every benchmark. Our custom strategies reduced their advertising budget below average competitor's rates and yet managed to generate the best results in their market.


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