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We love media but we understand that media and marketing projects can get complicated as services are customizable and often consist of one or more of the options featured below. We've included brief definitions at the top of each of our seven services to help you discern your needs.

Visual Identity & Branding

nounDesign is the art of visual communication in which a designer uses visual cues, images, fonts, illustrations, symbols, and/or verbal messages to reach an audience and help them tangibly connect with a desired message through visual communication that evokes a psychological connection with the content presented.

We offer:

- Style Guides (Logos, Branding Style Guides, Official Fonts, Official Colors, etc.)
- Print Publications (Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Take-Ones, etc.)
- Trade Show Materials (Trade Show displays, Business Cards, etc.)
- Web Advertisements (Banner Ads, Websites, Social Media Ads, etc.)

We make your message heard on the web, newspapers, bulletins, social media, and/or search engines. Our designs help your audience connect to your message.

Creative Multimedia

Mul·ti·me·di·anounMultimedia refers to content that uses more than one medium. The categories generally include Professional Audio, Video, and Photography. Creative engaging multimedia is quickly becoming one of the most potent forms of communication available today.

Our creative multimedia services include:

- Film Production (The process of shooting, editing, re-coloring, compiling, and finally transcoding films into beautiful productions.)
- Professional Photography (The process of shooting, editing, and coloring photographs so they can become powerful images.)
- Creative Copy Writing (The process of writing and editing strong copy that effectively communicates with your audience.)

It is key to generate powerful and engaging content that offers value to your audience. Digital Distribution methods like websites, social media, and search engines are great ways to reach people but without offering relevant video, photo, or informational content that truly captivates people they quickly become ineffective. That is why we've invested a great amount of our resources on our abilities to make great creative multimedia content.

Web Design & Development

Web De·signnounWeb De·vel·op·mentnounWeb Design is the process of creating a website by strategically compiling a beautiful user-friendly interactive interface that allows for strong interactivity. Web Development is the coding and programming of the previously designed layout. This step brings desired web functionality to life according to the specifications of the project. After the development phase, we connect the website to the appropriate servers and/or other hardware and proceed to test its security, reliability, and speed. The process of web design and development is completed in this order.

All of our websites include the following features:

- Aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to ensure credibility
- User and content focused to ensure ease of use
- Industry standard coding and best practices to ensure reliability
- Mobile responsive designs to ensure an excellent experience on mobile devices
- Search Engine Optimized for maximum exposure online
- Highly compatible with other browsers and devices.
- Security tested in accord with industry standards.

As the central hub of your online presence to the world it is important to have an engaging, interesting, and beautiful web site. We make sure your website attracts, informs, and engages your audience with beautiful layouts and fresh content.

Search Engine Optimization & marketing

Search En·gine Op·ti·mi·za·tionnounSearch En·gine Mar·ket·ingnounSearch engines work by ranking results and listing them for users by their relevance to the topic searched, the quality, and the reliability websites are deemed to have. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to methods of website optimization used to increase traffic to a site by increasing its search engine rank. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process by which multiple methods are utilized to improve market visibility and exposure for a brand, product, service, or organization on search engine sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Our Search Engine Optimization & Marketing services consist of Optimization services and PPC (pay-per-click) services conducted by professionals. We always begin with an assessment of your current exposure to understand your opportunities after which we form an efficient strategy that includes the following services:

- Website Optimization
- Backlink building
- Metadata Insertion
- Contextual advertising
- Content Marketing
- AdSense and AdWords
- Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
- and much more...

Market Research and strategic consulting

Mar·ket Re·searchnounThe processes used by organizations to collect, analyze, and interpret data used to make sound communication decisions and successfully manage their organization's relationship with their audience.

One of the strongest forms of market listening in today's world, we have an excess of data, it is everywhere. However, its not enough to simply have data. It is also about collecting, analyzing, and correctly interpreting it to derive insights with an average degree of certainty in the 95th percentile. All of our results come from certified primary and secondary sources of data. We don't simply collect information, we correctly interpret the data into insights into how your community thinks, what they believe, and what they truly need.

We offer Market Research services such as:

- Strategic Consulting
- 360 degree Customer Profiles with information on every aspect of your audience.
- User Data and Metadata Tracking
- Digital Surveying
- Focus Groups
- Social Media Data Analysis
- Consultation on Marketing Information Systems (MIS)
- Our proprietary A-Day-in-the-Life Program

Social MEdia Marketing

So·cial Me·di·a Mar·ket·ingnounSocial media presence is a necessity for many customer-driven enterprises as it offers a more immediate connection between the organization's and their communities. Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread awareness and recognition while forming those ever-important relationships with users.

The Essentials Package:
The essential services needed to be successful on Social Media. This package includes a base budget for paid social media advertisements and organic engagement strategies to maximize the reach of those advertisements. A full list of exact actions are offered in your custom built media plan.

Available Add-On Packages:
- Public Relations (PR) Package leverages the power of social media in conjunction with respected News and Public Relations outlets for greater reach and credibility.
- Social Media Training Package is an excellent way to train dedicated media employees that may need the latest in social media marketing knowledge and best practice. The Training focuses on actionable skills that can be integrated right away.

Not sure which service is right for you? Contact us and we'll make sure to help you find the right marketing mix for your organization.

Media Training for Organizations

Me·di·a Train·ingnounThe process of educating, informing, and equipping employees via hands-on activities, seminars, and sessions that will impart actionable media skills useful in the current workflow of an organization's staff.

Media and marketing technologies evolve at a rapid pace. We understand the tension between practicality and holy urgency. That is why we ease these stressful tensions by doing the hard work for you. We stay on top of the latest forms technology and communication trends and test them in the professional field. Once we know they are effective methods of communication and not merely trends or fads that will fade with time then we include them in our media training curriculum. Our Media Training sessions are excellent ways to learn hands-on, actionable skills and best practices that integrate quickly into the workflows of busy Catholic media professionals.

We currently offer these condensed and concrete sessions in the form of:

- One-on-One Instruction 
- Small Seminars, virtual or on-site

We are one of the few resources offering such a potent form of media training for Catholic Media professionals of all levels of expertise.

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