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Creative Multimedia

Mount Sacred

Heart School

Mount Sacred Heart School is the first and only Catholic Montessori school in San Antonio, Texas. They came to us looking for a way to increase their reach to the masses. We suggested viral video content and social media campaigns as the key to their particular communities heart after some inspired strategic planning.


Mount Sacred Heart School



Service Offered:

Videography & Social Media Campaigns

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Client Update:

Mount Sacred Heart has since continued our relationship and is now on their second commercial with us. This commercial launched and reached 28,474 people with 14,870 parents watching the commercial more than once on social media on a relatively light social media ad budget paying testament to the power of good content.

Mount Sacred Heart School's goal was to generate engagement and educate their market in a highly competitive area with a variety of education options available to parents. As the solution to their problem, we helped generate over 20,043 views from 13,879 real people in the San Antonio and greater southwest area through this commercial and subsequent Social Media Campaign. Data showed these results constituted a whopping 712% increase from the normal 2,000 views that they get per month on social media. We did this together by first coming up with a game plan for a heartfelt Catholic Commercial highlighting the core of who they are and why they do what they do. We felt this bold video would break the mold of the normal and help them stand out amidst other educational institutions in Texas' heavily hispanic southwest region. It seems the inspirations of the Holy Spirit are always right, only through collaborative partnership were we able to make this happen. We are grateful for another wonderful relationship with an excellent Catholic institution.


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