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Creative Multimedia

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The Diocese of Austin's Vocations Office had a need for creative photography services. They wanted to showcase to the world, the joy and happiness found in pursuing a God-given Vocation. Together, we partnered up and went on a series of different photoshoots across the Diocese of Austin to get candid and creative photographs of Catholics authentically living out their vocation in the Diocese of Austin. We were incredibly excited to embark on this journey with them. See for yourself the results below.


Diocese of Austin - Vocation's Office



Service Offered:

Professional Photography

project details

This project was a multi-shoot, multi-location project. The Vocation's Office selected key areas they felt were logistically feasible and also representative of Vocation's in the Diocese of Austin. From there, we brought with us our best cameras, premium glass, tripods, and other gear and got to work. It was an amazing time filled with laughter and joy but more than that it was also a beautiful journey into the heart of diocesan life in Austin. Here are just few of the one thousand photos taken for this shoot:

Mass @ St. Louis King of France Catholic Church and School
The Call is Beautiful
Fr. Jonathan Raia with Dominican Sisters @ St. Dominic Catholic High School
Our Lord gave everything for us.
The Beauty of the Mass


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