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Are You New? Welcome Aboard!


Luis Almanzar-Galvan

August 1, 2018

This simple article is here to help you navigate your new service. Below we’ll go over the key components of your service and how it works.

Your service has three simple components that make it effective; the process, the people, and the technology. Essentially, we set up the technology to make working together easier and more efficient.  Our people, then use that technology to team up with you to make sure we have a centralized point of contact so that communication remains clean and clear. Finally, we use our extensive expertise in marketing and your wealth of experience in your industry in combination with proven processes to identify which goals are most important, so we can develop a realistic plan to bring them to life. That said, let’s jump in and explore what exactly that means.


There a quite a few different technologies in software and hardware that are employed to make your service both possible and effective. However, you only need to worry about two as our media partner. The first is your Project Manager and the second is your Media Cloud.

Your Project Manager helps you see the status of your projects, the status of tasks within those projects, view the media and content produced, and finally offer feedback on them as desired to make sure changes and approvals are an efficient part of the process before the media goes out to the masses.

Your Media Cloud, however, is a little different, your media cloud is more about the final result. While your Project Manager gives you transparency as to the progress of projects as they occur, your media cloud is truly where you can interact with the content that is made as a result of that process. Your cloud gives you links that you can use to log in and review the media after it has been created. It further allows you to download it, share it, and otherwise use your content as desired.

These two systems combine to provide natural checks and balances that simply become part of the process rather than onerous intrusions in the workflow. Your Account representative will help you set up your accounts in both systems as part of your initial welcome meeting. They will also make sure you feel confident in how to use each of these platforms daily as part of your service.


As discussed above, communication is essential to making your service a success. We can’t do this without you, partner! All lighthearted jests aside, without good communication we won’t know if we are meeting your expectations and you may not feel confident in whether certain goals are attainable, scalable, and viable. The good news is that we have great people and technology to address that issue. Your account representative assigned to you is consistent with the arrangements discussed as part of your agreement. They will be there to answer questions, set goals, plan, strategize, and finally relay that vision to our team, so we can deliver on your goals and vision.

As part of your onboarding process, we recommend selecting a point person or representative of your own who will be able to connect and relay information as well. This keeps communication consistent and ensures day to day tasks are efficiently completed. We also recommend once-per-month board meetings where we can offer reports on the status of projects directly and even discuss the state of results and responses from your desired demographics and audiences. This helps other key members of your organization feel connected to the service and engaged without having to take away too much time from their busy schedules.

Your Account representative will further discuss this with you and set up communications best practices with your desired point person or representative.


Now that we have the other two key components covered, it’s time to talk about the actual work! Processes are methods of work that help organizations achieve their goals and aspirations. Each organization is different and while we believe that rote tasks in marketing can be optimized with technology and automation, there are many things that should not be automated and need a human touch. This is where we excel, in making technology work for people not people for technology so you can always retain that human presence and touch.

To do that we set up a unique workflow specific to your organization that will help us achieve the goals that are important to you. This means, each month, as part of your meeting with your organization we will review current goals and the progress being made, pray and ideate on new goals and direction that the Spirit is urging us to attend to, and as a function of those new goals set new plans each with a unique workflow that will address those goals effectively.

Your Account representative will discuss these with you and will be able to provide supporting research, statistics, strategy, and media delivery via your Media Cloud to tie in all the components of your service together.


Across the lifetime of your service, we may embark on numerous projects together, many of them occurring at the same time. These three areas of your service all work together to simplify the experience so that the complex becomes simple and the difficult becomes enjoyable. Please, let us know if you have any feedback or concerns by communicating directly with your representative.


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