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Why the Recent Revelations of Abuses are actually Good for the Church

These revelations (not the abuses) are good because God demands authenticity. God is not satisfied with the appearance of holiness and the smell of incense while in secret the stink of hypocrisy wafts from white-washed coffins. God desires men and women after his own heart whose souls echo the crystalline halls described by St. Teresa of Avila and who permit our Lord to reign supreme in the throne rooms of their souls.


McCarrick and Pennsylvania; Solutions for Accountability

The New York Times. The Washington Post. CBS News. National Catholic Reporter. America Magazine. Catholic News Agency. These are just a few of the copious news organizations reporting on the Cardinal McCarrick scandal but after so much damage how do we fix it. Here we dive into possible real world solutions that can be made effective with God's grace and careful application.


The Politics of Fear; a Truly Catholic Response

What is a true and good Catholic to do amidst the divisive uproar all around us in the form of likes, shares, pins, tweets, searches, and blinking screens of various sizes? Read more to find out how to respond to tense cultural situations the Catholic way.