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Who we are

Love is A Journey

A firm built for mission not just profits. We live the Gospel mission by empowering organizations to share their positive missions via comprehensive services.

Our MISSION is to serve yours

Low on time? Scroll and read only the Green words under "Our Mission" for the general gist of who we are. We know you'll get the idea even if you are on the go.

A Brief History

Mastik Media has formerly served as Phoenix & Lion since 2012. As an organization, we've served businesses as a Creative Ad Agency focused on excellent design and personal service. Since then, our journey has brought us new changes, new paths, new technologies, and valuable lessons but our love of great media and our call to serve has never changed only grown. In fact, it has been the prime driver of our passion for corporate responsibility and has caused us to innovate to best help those in need.

Our experiences serving the private sector made us realize that there is a whole host of media technologies and marketing sciences that the Church can use to build genuine relationships not merely marketing campaigns. Some of these options are services that firms in the private sector use to reach people each and every day. This realization along with many prayers brought us to a new vision. A vision where we embrace our role in equipping the Church and other organizations founded on positive missions with the best media and marketing services to fill communication gaps that currently prevent us from reaching many people in today's culture. As a result, Mastik Media was born. Since our rebirth, we've gone through quite the transformation. While we still serve all sorts of organizations, large and small, we're best equipped and specialized to serve the Church and affiliated organizations with high-quality Digital Catholic Media.

Our Mission statement

Mastik Media is a Catholic digital media agency. We are a private firm, a diverse and welcoming corporate body blessed with persons of many skills and talents. Our services are a fusion between the digital arts and marketing sciences. We're designed to create media that touches the core of our humanity while studying how that humanity drives people and impacts relationships so we can better address the needs of communities. We are expert communicators, strategists, digital artists, researchers, and media evangelists. We help you reach people not once but again and again.

Our whole purpose is to help you connect with the communities that you're striving to reach. Why? We believe that the Gospel message is powerful and when made digital, it delivers powerful moments of encounter between God and human persons. We believe God works hard to reach souls. In imitation of our Heavenly Father, we do too. That's why we're here to facilitate those encounters amidst a broken world that desperately needs more of them. God knows how to multiply the rest. Take a leap of faith and partner with us so we can make your mission come alive.

A Culture of Care

We understand the word "culture" can be an overused word in many organizational circles. For us, it isn't a word or a way to get positive PR. It is a way of life. At Mastik Media, we're committed to a Culture of Care in the following ways: 

1.) We are committed, one hundred percent, not only to orthodoxy but also to orthopraxy in the Faith. We believe that love of God and love of neighbor, not profits nor public image, are the heart of our organization.

2.) We value and love our clients; we want them to succeed. Therefore, we are committed to honoring our clients with consistent personal service and quality digital media. Wherever we fall short of these commitments, we strive to acknowledge our shortcomings and make them right.

3.) We are invested in our employees because they invest in us. We strive to enrich our employees as they are instrumental in serving our clients and because their lives matter and they are part of our family.

4.) We fight to fund causes that help the less fortunate by covering our costs and donating 7% of our profits to organizations specifically helping those in material need. As a company, we have adopted a social benefit model in imitation of St. Homobonus because we believe it is absolutely possible to fulfill your fiduciary duty to stakeholders and still meet your human obligations to the Lord and to society.

5.) We're committed to the respect of our God-given natural resources by fighting waste through efficient all digital systems that avoid excessive use of materials. We hear you, Pope Francis.


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