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William Paulino

Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist is ​responsible ​for ​day-to-day ​execution ​of internal and external ​paid and organic ​social media ​campaigns and is ​​a ​lead ​point ​of ​contact ​for ​recommendations, social media ​content ​creation, campaign ​launches, ​performance reports, ​and ​customer ​concerns.
about me

William, a Rhode Island native, resides in Ontario, Canada with his wife and two daughters.

He attended Providence College where he studied Theology in a Liberal Arts curriculum. His passion for theology led him to become an active member of the Church where he feels a calling to the Diaconate as well as founding the first youth group at his parish. He enjoys reading and staying up late playing either the bass guitar or the drums, much to his wife's displeasure.

William spends his free time learning ASL, tinkering with computing languages like HTML, and Java, playing with his daughters, loving his wife, and reading anything by Greg Popcack.

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This Holy Saturday, in the flames of Notre Dame, we can see our Lady.

The flames of Notre Dame and more importantly her evident endurance of the fire is a heavenly sign for our church today. Not of castigation, not of punishment, not of lamentation but hope. It is a sign of a new Catholic renaissance to come. God is about to do new and great things, but we must cease to fear discovery and renewal, we must let go of suspicions and mistrust that hold us back from virtue.

Market Research and Consultation

Hiring for Growth? Know the differences between Employees and Independent Contractors

Whether you are a non-profit organization, a business, a ministry, or a church group there often comes a time when the work we do dictates the need to build community and therefore compensate people for their efforts. This can be a rewarding opportunity to add new skills, points of view, areas of expertise, and personalities to our organizations. Both employees and independent contractors (in the form of persons or groups of persons) can add extraordinary value to the efforts necessary to advance the mission. However, there are some important things to know first. Read this easy to understand overview on the differences in each classification and how to avoid pitfalls in ministry or in business so you can stay on the right side of the law and Catholic social teaching so you can enjoy a fruitful experience in your partnerships.

Social Media

Social Media - Intern or Agency?

Social media truly is the town hall and public square of our day. It has the power to make the intangible tangible and to incarnate ideas, emotions, connections, and relationships. Its important to consider who is leading strategy on this very important platform.