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The Atonement


The Atonement Academy is a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence lauded with many honors for their comprehensive classical education of students. When The Atonement Academy needed a Catholic firm to support their Marketing department to bring their social media efforts to the next level, we partnered up to provide a complete solution. Since then we have continued our partnership with The Atonement Academy to help them do what they do best in bringing a comprehensive Catholic education to their students which has consequently resulted in $3.5 Million in College Scholarships for their Senior Class of 2017 alone.


The Atonement Academy



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Full Service Package; All Seven Services

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Client Update:

Since beginning our relationship with The Atonement Academy in 2017, we have offered personal service and incredible creative quality that yields results. The Atonement Academy has increased their relationship with us and now works with us in a Full-Service capacity using all Seven Services we offer. We now reach 200,235 people per month in a market of only 300,000 Catholics in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area. The institution conducts polling on new applicants and results show that 95% of the institution's leads or potential enrollees come exclusively from our marketing services. Of those many leads, in just a few short months we helped The Atonement Academy secure more students raising their enrollment from 280 to 340 in just a few short months. This increase resulted in a 21% increase of their student population.

Since upgrading services we not only have increased their numbers but their internal efficiency. We have written and implemented their full Marketing Strategy, Public Relations Strategy, and PR Crisis Policies from the ground up with tested and proven systems, processes, protocols, and supporting documents so that the institution is always ready should the unfortunate occur in today's turbulent world.

We began with Social Media Services that result in an average reach of 145,000 people per month on Facebook and LinkedIn. This results in an average conversion rate of 2.67% per month, which easily beats all of their local competitors. Once Social Media Services were up and running we began a series of video campaigns that netted over 30,000 views per video in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area alone.

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