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Graphic Design


San Antonio

SOS is a non-profit expanding the world view of disadvantaged children through education and travel opportunities abroad and at home. Their fun and youthful brand needed additional marketing tools to help children and their families become aware of the educational service-driven opportunities that SOS provides.


Summer of Service San Antonio (SOS San Antonio)



Service Offered:

Graphic Design

project details

Brochure Design:

Mastik Media responded to SOS San Antonio's need for additional marketing tools with a beautiful z-fold square mini-brochure. After careful thought and consideration, it became apparent that the design needed to be easy to carry and easy to spot given that the target market included high school kids and their parents. It was thoughtfully designed to the dimensions of the average jean pocket to ensure a child or a parent would be able to take it in a pocket to go. The design lessened the likelihood of disuse and the possibility that a reader unable to read it at that moment would throw the brochure away due inconvenience. The colorful design remained respectful of the SOS brand while giving it a modern look and feel. SOS was pleased with Mastik’s ability to negotiate and budget. They were not only impressed by the high-quality design work they received, but also by the innovation it took to find a solution in their price range. Consistent communication throughout the process allowed Mastik to become co-creators with SOS’s President and Founder. A relationship we highly value and appreciate today.


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