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Creative Multimedia


The Sisters of the Holy Spirit first approached in the Summer of 2018 to film their Congregational Retreat. Given that the Sisters have missions and entities around the world the wanted a way to be able to connect their fellow sisters overseas to the retreat. Video was a natural solution that provided quality results. As time passed, one video became several as now the Sisters use video as a strong method of communication allowing their fellow sisters overseas to feel connected as well as promote the many ministries that they do in service to the Lord and His people.


Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate



Service Offered:

Videography, Social Media, SEO

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Client Update:

Since first beginning our relationship with the Sisters, we have now grown together into an annual contracted relationship. We now handle their Social Media and have in only a few months generated 45,000 views and a 40% increase in their Facebook subscribers. At this time, a vocation's micro-website is in progress, that will help the Sisters better address and organize their efforts in reaching new young women for Vocations. We will update this page when that site reaches completion. In the meantime, here is a graphic sample from our Social Media Services.

The Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate first turned to us to create Professional Event videos to record their Congregational Retreats and other events. We've completed many of those videos in style and together have created quite a bit of attention in their local area. While, we cannot share all of them here as some are internal. Below, however, is a sample of the latest video created for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate promoting their ministry and work in Africa as well as using the videos they produce as potential tools for evangelization:


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