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Web Design & Development


Global Corp

GVP Global Corp is a private equity investment firm with investments that have returned revenues of roughly $252 Million. As a private equity investment firm, their focus is on investments in new promising technologies that have practical applications in Quantum Computing and Data Storage, Energy Generation, Fire Detection and Suppression, and Sensory Technologies just to name just a few.


GVP Global Corp



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Web Design & Development

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*Please note that the following screenshots are only those portions of the site that do not compromise GVP Global's confidentiality and privacy. Due to confidentiality concerns, the screenshots of the full site cannot be posted.

Teamwork Transition Page
Blurred People Page
Blurred Projects & Focus Page

GVP Global came to us looking for a professional web solution to help them inform and communicate with their potential investors. Amidst their many requirements were the need for a professional and yet beautiful aesthetic, the need to have their site be password protected and private for their investors alone, and the security needed to make sure their site was secure regardless of what part of the world they were transacting business. We were able to deliver on all counts on this project to their complete satisfaction.


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