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Social Media Marketing


e Bene

Founded in 1989 by the Franciscan Friars of California, Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service works with individuals, organizations, and movements to strengthen their efforts to abolish war, protect human rights, end poverty, challenge injustice, promote natural stewardship and meet today’s profound spiritual task: to build a more just, peaceful and nonviolent world. Our task with Pace e Bene is to use Social Media to advance the mission of peace and nonviolence offering and proliferating diplomacy and nonviolence wherever violence and conflict sprout or escalate. We have helped Pace e Bene achieve an average monthly viewership of 238,650 views per month and roughly 2.8 Million views per year.


Pace e Bene



Service Offered:

Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design

project details

Pace e Bene's services are centered around proliferating the peace and nonviolence message through 3 central social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their services began with a social media channel audit to check the current graphical conditions, messaging, tone, voice, and viewership of their platforms. From there, we built a communications strategy with an overall voice, tone, and messaging. We also built a reputation management strategy to help the organization handle questions on hot button issues in a way that is soothing but still authentic to their mission and their brand. Finally, we ran ad campaigns including that of the 2017 Week of Actions to generate engagement and activity of their audiences. The campaign is on-going but currently 600+ groups across the nation are launching demonstrations, prayer vigils, and other demonstrable actions to promote peace.

Ads We've Launched:

This ad promotes the week of actions and is geared to activate minority youth for the cause of peace
This ad promotes the week of actions and is designed to inspire courage (fear having been identified as a primary obstacle in involvement) in all relevant demographics
This is ad is to promote ecumenical participation while still being true to the Gospel by focusing on commonalities we agree on
This ad was built to call people back to their routes of peace, justice, and nonviolence. Our nations problems are never resolved with fists but instead with dialogue.


latest projects