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Are you Digital But Frustrated?


Luis Almanzar-Galvan


February 1, 2017

So you’ve spent endless hours liking people’s posts, sharing funny memes and expanding your digital network, yet you don’t seem to be gaining any traction. This frustration can lead to discouragement, but a few simple fixes will have you motivated and ready to effectively tackle the ever-changing world of social media.

Having a presence on a platform is not enough to get others to notice you.

Having a few interactions with others, and periodically posting, will go widely unrecognized. It is important to make your presence purposeful. Doing digital well is about creating meaningful interactions with others, in a way that promotes your organization by creating interactive relationships with your audience. Being bold in your communication is key to doing this efficiently. Commenting on articles or discussions written by thought leaders will help you gain important knowledge while allowing you to get your name out. Commenting on posts from people who are searching for your services will allow potential customers to see authentic value. Joining conversations with meaningful amounts of people online on relevant issues as well as creating original content and posts that are engaging and value driven can establish your organization as a leading source for good content in your field.

Marketing vs Average Postings

Once you establish a platform, it is important to establish a clear marketing plan for your social media presence. This can include interactions, shares, likes, re-posts, or blogs, but without a clear plan you are simply showing up online without offering a meaningful experience for customers. This experience should be at the heart of your digital marketing techniques, and it is easy to do. The posts you make should offer those reading it valuable information from the best source, which should be you! This will highlight your strengths and allow you to stand out with your quality content.

Content With Content

Your content should be relevant to those in your target audience (we will get to this in a moment) and they should be relevant to your company. If neither of those requirements is met, then you are, essentially, posting fluff. Fluff material may be entertaining or eye-catching but it doesn’t necessarily promote your company. We should always strive to give our customers a reason to return, both to use our products or services and to see what our new social platforms are offering. This sparks their curiosity and also allows them to count on you as a reliable, relevant source.

Target Your Audience

Who are you trying to sell to? What type of people are typically interested in what you are offering? Figure out who you want to buy from you and who you can offer value to. From there you must do your research. Find out what the people in your target demographic like and dislike, especially when it comes to their media consumption. Spending time researching may seem trivial, but the information gained will allow you to stay focused on choosing the most relevant content. The content of the platform should be tailored to the people fitting in your target audience. If they aren't able to understand the value of what you have, they won't be as open to seeing it.  

Every company has the ability to obtain web space. Maximizing the efficiency and value of that space is what we are all striving for. Striving for excellence is the first step in all you do- recognize that it is not enough to simply be on the platform, you must have a meaningful plan to post purposeful content to the right people. With the bombardment of daily digital messages, our consumers need us to give them the quality messages they want. With so much digital space available, you want your consumers to know they can rely on you for quality and excellence.


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