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"Our services are custom solutions crafted for the specific needs of your organization. That's why we need to get to know you a little to make sure we're finding the best fit for you. We want to hear from you. It doesn't matter if you're looking for services or you're interested in partnering up as a charity. We will use our expertise to save you time, answer questions, and help you achieve your goals."

Luis E. Almanzar-Galvan
Founder & CEO of Mastik media
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frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, you can find more answers here. If you feel like your questions have been answered and you see value in working together, scroll up to reach out to us so we can begin our working relationship together.

How do I order service(s)?

Services can be ordered through direct contact with us via the contact us forms on the website or by calling us at 210.538.4727, you can also email us at Click here to view our contact page.

Can you work with our internal marketing and media staff?

Yes! We often work as a complete solution where no team is currently present or as a subset of an existing team maximizing the results and incoming traffic to an organization without disturbing the existing workflow. We collaborate with your organization, which means partnering with the staff you have in place.

How do you measure results? How do I know the service working?

We use the latest market research sciences to measure our project and service results. This means we measure results through code that tracks human behavior on the internet for our digital services, through surveys and other well-established research methods for our traditional media services, and finally we provide monthly reporting on the progress of our services so that we are accountable to you for our services.

Will we collaborate with your team??

Yes! It is important that we understand your mission, vision, and goals for all the services you need. We commit to keeping you informed throughout the lifecycle of your project; guaranteeing we are meeting your expectations, fulfilling your vision, and delivering the quality you expect.

How much do your services cost?

We focus on providing the highest level of service to all of our clients at an affordable cost. You never pay for quality. Excellence should be part of what we do. Instead, we calculate our pricing based on the labor hours it takes to complete a project or a monthly renewing service. We utilize a pricing scale which factors in costs and client needs; usually resulting in a really competitive market rate. This is why we do need to get to know you before offering a quote because we actively offer discounts for organizations serving the world. To schedule a meeting with us or order service, visit our contact page here and reach out to us!

Do you have flexible payments options available?

Yes, we do have payment plans available and we would be happy to help you obtain the right option for your budget.

What is a Creative Media Agency

A Creative Media Agency is a mix between a marketing firm and a media studio. Our purpose is to not only create beautiful media but also to create or enhance the channels and technology that serve that content to your viewers. We use traditional media and new media (social media, websites, search engines, mobile apps, etc.) to provide potent results in viewership and to create engagement from that viewership that forms loyal audiences.

Do your services require a lot of maintenance?

Our services are primarily built to be full service experiences where we handle the nuts and bolts of media for you. We understand that you have a limited amount of time and one of the benefits of working with a company is that media professionals with expertise are tackling communications problems without you having to rehire, retrain, or invest tons of money into custom teams and high end equipment. We bring all of these things to the table for you. We save time for supervisors, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. We look forward to building a strong working relationship with you.

How Catholic are you?

Really Catholic. Unashamedly Catholic. So Catholic, it is the core of who we are as a company and as a brand. We are committed to both orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Because the word Catholic actually goes back to ancient greek and means "Universal" we are committed to friendly dialogue with all to foster positive relationships that allows us to serve in a spirit of charity and fellowship. We strive to be Catholic in the truest sense of the word.

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